I will never….

I was watching this commercial that begins with a guy by a pool. He says “I will never get married”. Scene change to him receiving a wedding ring from a jeweler who is saying “Good choice on your ring decision”. Scene change to guy with wife on plane where there is a screaming child. He says “We will never have children”, where his wife seems to be agreeing. Scene change to wife in delivery room giving birth. Scene change to loft apartment with family at breakfast. Guy says “We will never move to the suburbs”. Scene change to suburban home with family in front yard when a minivan goes by. Guy says “We will never get one of those.” Scene change to guy washing family minivan. Scene change to guy cleaning crayon drawing from wall. He says “We will never have more children”. To which the wife goes by and says she is pregnant. Final scene is the family on the couch where the guy says “I will never let go”.

At this point, my nitpicker screamed. Dude, every other time you said “I will never….”, you ended up doing the thing. So I guess if the commercial were to continue the next scene was the guy in a courtroom getting a divorce and losing custody of his two children.